Winter Care For Tubed Bougainvillea. Wintering, Growing In The Middle Lane. Photo

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Winter Care For Tubed Bougainvillea. Wintering, Growing In The Middle Lane. Photo
Winter Care For Tubed Bougainvillea. Wintering, Growing In The Middle Lane. Photo

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Bougainvillea is one of the most beloved tub plants. A luxurious beauty with inimitable bright and massive inflorescences can become one of the most beloved accents in design. In order to admire the inimitable flowering of bougainvillea, it needs to be provided not only with constant care during the entire warm period: in many ways, the success of growing this tub is determined by the quality of its wintering.

Kadochnaya Bougainvillea
Kadochnaya Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea in open soil is grown only in regions with a mild climate: it is not for nothing that this delightful plant with the legendary purple color palette has become a symbol of Mediterranean landscapes. In the conditions of the middle zone, bougainvillea is cultivated only as a tub culture, which, with the arrival of the first frosts, is carried away to the premises for wintering. Staying in the right conditions during this period is the main condition for both the beauty of this plant and its flowering. Moreover, wintering is a decisive factor for the longevity of bougainvillea, determining its ability to recover in the next year.


  • The challenges of caring for bougainvillea in winter
  • Basic rules for wintering bougainvillea
  • Watering bougainvillea during dormant period

The challenges of caring for bougainvillea in winter

Due to the lack of light, the contrast of growing conditions and the reduction of wintering, the caddy bougainvillea usually shed all their bright foliage or only partially retain it under very good lighting. The plant is in a state of complete dormancy throughout the winter and early spring, showing practically no signs of life. And often, even in spring, when all the other garden pots and tubs are already starting to grow, bougainvillea does not release young shoots and leaves.

These exotics, which today are considered one of the most common tub plants, can die during the winter, even with the most careful attention during the rest of the year. And the point is not always the wrong selection of the winter conditions necessary for the plant. The reason for this "loss" of bougainvillea lies in the invisible, but significant damage to the root system due to either too early termination of watering, or overmoistening of the substrate in the pot. In order for the bougainvillea to winter out, it will need to be provided with proper care throughout the cold season.

Jad Bougainvillea
Jad Bougainvillea

Basic rules for wintering bougainvillea

Of course, the basis for the successful wintering of any bougainvillea is the correct choice of conditions. Mediterranean beauties need coolness and access to light for a comfortable rest period. Unlike other crops shedding leaves for the winter, bougainvillea cannot be exposed in any room suitable for temperatures: it sheds leaves depending on the reduction in daylight hours, so the brighter the place, the softer this tub will react to moving.

When it comes to temperature conditions, too cold conditions can lead to the spread of rot along the rhizome and excessive vulnerability to pests and diseases, not to mention damage to flower buds. Bougainvillea should be placed in a place with a temperature of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Most often, this beauty is placed on stairwells, verandas, in cold hallways with windows. When kept warm, it will be impossible to cause flowering. The bougainvillea area should be ventilated.

Kadochnaya Bougainvillea
Kadochnaya Bougainvillea

Watering bougainvillea during dormant period

But the key factor in the death of this plant during the winter is always watering. Bougainvillea needs to be "correctly" transferred to a dormant period, gradually reducing watering, and not abruptly interrupting them. Moreover, if the bougainvillea continues to preserve the leaves after transfer, the reduction in watering is still carried out: if the previous care regimes are maintained, the cooled and too wet substrate will most likely cause root rot and plant death. But complete drying out, even if the bougainvillea does not remain leafy, cannot be allowed.

To find the perfect balance for each individual plant, you should carefully monitor it after moving it indoors. Maintain the same frequency of watering by slightly reducing the amount of water used until the bougainvillea begins to shed the first leaves. As the crown is lost, gradually make watering more rare and scarce (the more leaf fall, the less water the plant needs).

Stop the pruning process as soon as the shedding process stops and then adhere to the set frequency. As a rule, this practice allows you to find the optimal schedule of procedures, between which the soil dries well, but the bougainvillea continues to receive the minimum amount of moisture it needs.

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