The Best Decorative Deciduous Ground Cover For An Alpine Slide. List Of Names With Photos

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The Best Decorative Deciduous Ground Cover For An Alpine Slide. List Of Names With Photos
The Best Decorative Deciduous Ground Cover For An Alpine Slide. List Of Names With Photos

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Alpine slides are an irreplaceable element of garden design. And it's not only about imitating the special charm of mountain corners, but also about expanding the possibilities to grow plants in the garden that prefer stony, light and dry soils. In symbiosis with stone, the best of the decorative deciduous creeping plants fully reveal their beauty. After all, it is on rock gardens that hardy ground covers most fully manifest the beauty of both their textures and color.

Ground cover, ornamental foliage plants for the alpine slide
Ground cover, ornamental foliage plants for the alpine slide

Leaves are the basis for the design of any rock garden

Alpine slides are mainly valued for the opportunity to grow rare, unique, touching flowering plants. But the basis for landscaping any rocky landscape is not at all edelweiss with crocuses, but completely different plants. For any ground cover that creates openwork or dense coverings, flowering is just a pleasant bonus to shoots and leaves. There are such garden crops in which it is the greenery that is, without exaggeration, the main pride.

Ornamental deciduous crops for decorating alpine hills, as is commonly believed, are inferior in popularity to beautifully flowering ground covers. They are remembered last as a tool for creating more natural transitions and harmonizing the look of the slide. And completely in vain: plants in which the most attractive part is not flowering, but leaves are not at all an aid in the arrangement of rock gardens. On the slides, such crops perform a variety of roles:

  • strengthen, play up and emphasize the slopes;
  • allow the rock garden to look attractive even in winter;
  • give a stable fullness and splendor of the design, forming skeletal, basic landings;
  • create color accents and “spots of tranquility”;
  • emphasize the size of boulders and large boulders;
  • shade and highlight the color and texture of stone chips, etc.

Plants from the number of ornamental-deciduous ground covers are selected according to the same principles as plants for alpine hills in general - from among garden crops that live in nature in high mountain areas or feel good on hills, in dry, rocky, poor and light soil.

It is better to leave capricious plants, moisture-loving crops for other decorative objects. If we choose a ground cover for an alpine slide from among non-flowering plants, then it should not require almost any care, adapt well to different conditions and not be afraid of close proximity.

Plants with attractive leaves are placed on the planting scheme so that they compensate for the lack or excess of seasonal plants, mask their wilting greens or block glades, and also balance the number of crops that lose their decorative effect for the winter.

Ornamental foliage plants for an alpine slide
Ornamental foliage plants for an alpine slide

It is with the help of decorative leafy stars that the alpine slides retain their attractiveness constantly, and not only during the active season. Therefore, preference is always given to evergreen crops - the only full-fledged competitors of abundantly flowering ground cover. Conventionally, all decorative leafy crops for decorating alpine slides can be divided into five categories:

  1. Coniferous plants.
  2. Evergreen shrubs.
  3. Ferns.
  4. Decorative cereals.
  5. Herbaceous ground covers.

Despite the fact that the choice of soil covers with beautiful foliage seems rather scarce, in fact, the variety of such garden crops allows you to solve a variety of decorative tasks. Junipers and euonymus, heathers and cotoneaster, thyme and erika, kaleria, fescue and sedge, periwinkle or tenacious, stonecrop and saxifrage, rejuvenated and acene - all these are ground cover stars that will adorn any rock garden.

Let's take a closer look at the most spectacular decorative deciduous crops that can decorate any alpine slide.

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