5 Short-lived Indoor Plants With Abundant Summer Bloom. Names, Descriptions, Home Care. Photo

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5 Short-lived Indoor Plants With Abundant Summer Bloom. Names, Descriptions, Home Care. Photo
5 Short-lived Indoor Plants With Abundant Summer Bloom. Names, Descriptions, Home Care. Photo

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Summer is associated with beautiful flowers. Both in the garden and in the rooms, you want to admire the luxurious inflorescences and touching flowers. And for this it is not at all necessary to use cut bouquets. In the assortment of the best indoor plants, there are many flowering species. In the summer, when they receive the brightest lighting and optimal daylight hours, they are able to outshine any bouquet. Actually, short-lived or just annual indoor crops - catharanthus, schizanthus, begonias, pelargoniums, etc., look like living bouquets. Bright and colorful, they are completely inimitable as seasonal accents.

5 short-lived houseplants with abundant summer bloom
5 short-lived houseplants with abundant summer bloom

The best annuals and short-lived perennials among indoor stars

If you are looking for plants that could turn windowsills into a vibrant gallery, you should think about replenishing your collection with one-year and two-year-old stars: they are short-lived, but they give all their strength to luxurious flowering. Among them are a variety of bulbous with tuberous, and similar to blue carpets of lobelias, and favorite petunias, balsams, celosia, verbena.

These annuals can be used not only when decorating balconies, but also to decorate windowsills with bushes that look like blooming clouds.

There are also short-lived favorites among the primordial indoor plants. Luxurious Persian violets, a genuine indoor miracle of schizanthus and bells offer an unforgettable spectacle of gentle romantic clouds, and rapidly degenerating geraniums and begonias, although they require renewal, will outshine any competitor in terms of the brightness and massiveness of flowering.

Compete with the beauty of not continuing next year rosy periwinkle or catharanthus, among the two types of bells and annual flowering is one star. Equal-leaved bells that have moved from the garden to pots do not lose their ability to bloom surprisingly luxuriantly. It is no coincidence that they earned the nickname "shooting star", because in the potted format, they seem to be pillows strewn with falling stars.

Leaving the garden and room scene for a short time, gloxinia in the new millennium has long ago got rid of the status of a unfashionable and rather boring plant. The development of new hybrid varieties with an extraordinary palette of colors and the ability to maintain compactness has again attracted the love of flower growers around the world. And in the size of flowers, few can compete with her.

The flowers of related exacums can boast the same effect that is characteristic of hellebores - their flowers, albeit miniature, look almost artificial. They seem to be sculpted from porcelain or made of plastic, and the neat density of the bushes emphasizes this illusion. One of the best miniature houseplants from the flowering category deserves to be used in a summer interior and in serving. Exakum is so easily renewed from cuttings that the biennial plant may not be noticed.

Better known by its English name, the royal or large-flowered geraniums have long supplanted the "usual" zonal pelargoniums from the windowsills. A delightful variety of varieties with bizarre shapes and colors of inflorescences, and sometimes completely unexpected effects, have made English geraniums true stars. But they are much more capricious than their fellows, demanding special care in payment for their lush flowering.

It is not for nothing that it has become an unfading classic, always remaining fashionable and bright, indoor flowering begonia is one of the favorites of many flower growers. It is able to bloom all year round; its flowering specimens are almost constantly on sale. The bright and proud bloom of tall begonias can overshadow any bouquets.

Let's take a closer look at 5 irresistible houseplants that look no less dazzling in summer than garden anniversaries. And although they require regular rearing and replacement, their beauty justifies the time spent on them.

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