Strawberries - Growing And Feeding Without Problems

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Strawberries - Growing And Feeding Without Problems
Strawberries - Growing And Feeding Without Problems

Video: Strawberries - Growing And Feeding Without Problems

Video: Strawberries - Growing And Feeding Without Problems
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The sweet juicy berries of garden strawberries, or strawberries, as we used to call it, are loved by both children and adults. But many gardeners consider the cultivation of this berry too troublesome - so much so that they even refuse it. There is some truth in this. To get really good harvests of this berry every year, you have to work. In addition to weeding, watering and fertilizing, traditional for all crops, strawberries will require removing the mustache and regularly planting young sockets in a new place. But the result is worth it! Garden strawberries are not only very tasty, they are just a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. And the "Nutrition system for strawberries, strawberries" from "Buisk fertilizers" will help to significantly facilitate the care of the crop.

Garden strawberries are not only very tasty, they are just a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients
Garden strawberries are not only very tasty, they are just a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients

How will the Strawberry, Strawberry Nutrition System help in crop care?

It's no secret that good harvests of strawberries please us for the first 3-4 years, and remontant strawberries even less - only 2-3. And then the culture needs to be updated and transplanted to a new place. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the crop rotation, because not all crops will leave behind a soil suitable for growing strawberries. This circumstance is difficult for some gardeners, especially owners of small plots.

The company "Buyskie Fertilizers" offers a "Nutrition System for Strawberries (Strawberries)" which will not only provide plants with food, but will also help to extend the period of growing crops in one place. The kit contains all the necessary fertilizers and is designed for the full growing season - from planting in the ground to preparing for winter.

All nutrients in the preparations are in an easily accessible form and are maximally absorbed by plants. The optimal ratio of nutrients does not allow the accumulation of nitrates in fruits, increases frost resistance and plant resistance to disease.

The Strawberry (Strawberry) Nutrition System includes:

  • "WMD for strawberries, strawberries" - complex granular organic mineral fertilizer;
  • "Aquarin Strawberry" - water-soluble complex mineral fertilizer;
  • "Aquarin universal" - complex mineral fertilizer;
  • "Aquarin for fruiting" complex mineral fertilizer;
  • "Monopotassium phosphate" mineral fertilizer.
A set of complex fertilizers "Power system" for strawberries (strawberries)
A set of complex fertilizers "Power system" for strawberries (strawberries)

Strawberry mustache breeding rules

Strawberries can be planted in both spring and fall. When planting in spring, a lot of effort will be spent on removing whiskers and flowers, which must be removed, since the sockets should take root well in the first year. Fruiting will interfere with the normal development of plants, and in the future they will not give a good harvest. When planted in autumn, in August-September, the strawberries will have time to take root well and will delight them with berries the next year.

Planting material - young rosettes - gardeners, as a rule, buy in the market, in nurseries or grow on their own, sometimes even from seeds. It is advisable to buy seedlings with a closed root system - in pots or containers. Such a strawberry will not notice the transplant, it will take root perfectly and prepare for the winter.

If you want to propagate strawberries that are already growing in your garden, then first you need to choose the best bushes. During fruiting, mark the rosettes with the most delicious and beautiful berries with pegs or a bright garter. Yield is also of great importance - not all bushes give a lot of fruits, therefore, for reproduction, you need to choose strawberries not only sweet, but also abundantly fruiting.

On the marked bushes for the next year, you need to remove all berries and leave on one plant several of the strongest whiskers and, in turn, no more than two outlets on each of them. Berries in the year of rooting from the mother plant must be removed so that its strength is not spent on fruiting, but only on reproduction. In this case, the mustache will be stronger.

To root the mustache, around the mother bush, you need to weed out all the weeds, add a little nutritious soil, scatter the "OMU for strawberries, strawberries" granules and loosen the soil. We lay out the mustache on the prepared ground, leaving no more than two sockets on each. To make the mustache take root faster, they are pressed with metal pins. By the end of summer, the rosettes will take root and build up a sufficient root system, and in August they can already be planted in a permanent place.

Planting garden strawberries

Strawberries need a sunny location for good fruiting. Despite the fact that the culture loves moisture, there should be no stagnation of water at the planting sites. Fertile soil with an acidity of 5.5 to 6.5 is ideal for normal growth and fruiting. Soil fertility is largely determined by crop rotation. And so that the planted outlets receive all the necessary nutrition from the soil, it is important to take this point into account. The best precursors to strawberries are onions, garlic, herbs, legumes, and root vegetables.

To prepare the beds for planting, the soil is dug onto the bayonet of a shovel, simultaneously removing the roots of the weeds. The holes are dug according to the scheme: 20 cm from each other and 60-70 cm between the rows. When planting in the holes, you can apply a complex organic fertilizer "OMU for strawberries, strawberries", which includes low-lying peat, humic acids and a complex of macro- and microelements.

The prolonged action of the fertilizer will allow the plants to root easily and stimulate their further growth. "OMU for strawberries, strawberries" in the amount of 20-30 g is poured onto the bottom of the hole, avoiding contact with the roots. The rosettes are placed in the holes so that the roots do not bend to the side or upwards, and the "heart" is at the level of the soil.

After planting, the strawberries are well watered and the holes are mulched. The first time after planting, it is necessary to protect the plants from the sun by covering the strawberries with agrofibre.

OMU "For strawberries, strawberries"
OMU "For strawberries, strawberries"

Feeding for strawberries

How to feed strawberries at the beginning of the growing season?

Strawberry nutrition begins in spring and the "WMD for strawberries, strawberries" will also serve as an ideal fertilizer for this period. Plants of the second and subsequent years of life are fertilized randomly by introducing 100-150 g of the preparation per 1 m². In the spring, after all the old leaves have been removed from the bushes, this is quite easy to do. Important - the drug must be sealed into the soil by loosening and watered if the soil is not sufficiently moist.

When new leaves begin to grow on the outlets, "Aquarin Strawberry", a water-soluble complex mineral fertilizer, is used for feeding in the form of irrigation. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (in a ratio of 20: 5: 10) and a full set of necessary elements that are included in the fertilizer will ensure the healthy development of the bushes and increase the resistance of plants to diseases and adverse weather conditions.

How to feed strawberries during budding and flowering?

Strawberry Aquarine can also be used for leaf dressing. Spraying during the flowering period will help to increase the yield and quality of berries, and closer to autumn (after fruiting) - to lay a good harvest for the next season.

"Aquarine universal" - a complex mineral water-soluble fertilizer will be just the way, by the way, during the budding period. Spraying with a solution of the drug improves flowering and fruiting, which helps to increase the yield. The chelated form of trace elements allows plants to fully assimilate all the necessary substances.

How to feed strawberries during fruiting?

During fruiting, strawberries also need feeding. It is ideal at this time to water the plants with "Aquarium for fruiting". This complex mineral fertilizer with a high potassium content will significantly improve the taste and shelf life of fruits. In addition, an optimally balanced composition of the necessary elements will help plants survive the fruiting period in the best possible way and quickly recuperate. Top dressing is applied in the form of nutrient irrigation under the root with a solution of the drug 20 g per 10 liters of water.

Water-soluble complex mineral fertilizers "Aquarin"
Water-soluble complex mineral fertilizers "Aquarin"

Fertilizing strawberries after fruiting

After fruiting strawberries, you need to restore the strength that she spent on ripening berries. All reserves of phosphorus and potassium are depleted, the plant needs to replenish them before winter. This will help "Monopotassium phosphate" - a complex mineral fertilizer of two components, phosphorus and potassium in a ratio of 50:33.

To strengthen the root system and prepare for wintering, strawberries are watered with a solution of the drug 10 g per 10 liters.

Dear Readers! "Nutrition system for strawberries (strawberries)" is a ready-made set of fertilizers for complex care of strawberries, designed for the entire growing season. Excellent quality, competent instructions from the specialists of "Buiskiye Fertilizers", convenient packaging and a loyal price will save you the hassle of finding information and selecting food for strawberries. The set is designed for 10 m² of landings with a scheme of 70 x 20 cm.