Comparison Of Varieties Of Eggplant From Agrouspech

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Comparison Of Varieties Of Eggplant From Agrouspech
Comparison Of Varieties Of Eggplant From Agrouspech

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Among the many different varieties of these popular vegetables, we will tell you about three that are distinguished by excellent taste and relatively unpretentious growing conditions.

Comparison of the varieties of eggplants "Almaz", "Black Beauty" and "Valentina"
Comparison of the varieties of eggplants "Almaz", "Black Beauty" and "Valentina"

Characteristics of the varieties of eggplants "Almaz", "Black Beauty" and "Valentina"

All three varieties have medium density pulp. For Almaz it is greenish, and for the other two it is yellowish-white. They are united by good germination and excellent productivity, but at different times.

The early varieties include "Valentina", this hybrid is bred specifically for a high harvest in early summer. Within two months after sowing for seedlings, you can pick vegetables from a lush bush with a powerful root system, bright foliage and short internodes.

Skin color and shape are different for everyone

  • in "Valentina F1" it is black, the fruit is thin, oblong;
  • “Almaz” has a dark purple, egg-shaped fruit with a rounded nose;
  • the "Black Beauty" has an oblong, pear-shaped, brown-violet color.

All of them have a glossy smooth surface and excellent presentation, as well as taste. Ideal for preparing meals and preparations. These eggplants make excellent caviar when preserved. They are easy to process, since the pulp does not have bitterness, which has to be removed from other varieties.

Ripening period:

  • "Valentina F1" - 90-110 days (early maturing), yield about 3.2 kg / sq. M. in the open field;
  • "Almaz" - 109-149 days (mid-season), yield - 2-7.5 kg / sq. M;
  • "Black handsome" - 112-130 days (mid-season) on average 6.5 kg / sq. M.

Disease resistance:

Eggplants are susceptible to late blight. To reduce the risk of disease, it is recommended to plant plants with a distance of at least 40 cm, and the aisle between the rows should be 90 cm. Observe the watering regime, as high humidity contributes to the development of fungal diseases. To prevent late blight, it is necessary to process the eggplants with a solution of wood ash. If the disease has already manifested itself, treat the aerial part with any preparation containing copper, or with the biological preparation Fitosporin.

Do not plant eggplants where tomatoes, potatoes, peppers or eggplants previously grew. It is recommended to grow eggplant in place after peas, beans, beans, cucumbers, cabbage, and root crops - beets, carrots - are also acceptable.

The Almaz eggplant variety is not very susceptible to tomato and pepper mosaic virus and phytoplasm (columnar). The main danger for Almaz is the Colorado potato beetle, as well as for all eggplants.

The Valentina F1 eggplant variety has a strong immunity to diseases, but in any case, you should not keep it in high humidity conditions, since the hybrid is susceptible to fungal diseases. In addition to the Colorado potato beetle, aphids, spider mites and slugs are also dangerous.

Eggplant variety "Black handsome" must be protected from tobacco mosaic with soapy water or Fitosporin solution. For gray rot, use fungicidal preparations, for example, Horus, Iron vitriol, Topaz, Medea, Gamair, Sporobacterin. Rot preparations can only protect healthy plants, and rotted eggplants are harvested and burned. The drug Fitolavin, Patron, Trichoflor, Alirin-b is effective against the black leg.

Eggplant care

We control humidity, as eggplants are susceptible to fungal diseases. Top dressing 2-3 times per season.

It is important - we do not feed anything for the first 2 weeks after planting the seedlings. This rule applies to seedlings of any culture.

Valentina's bushes do not need to be formed, but the lower drying leaves and shoots must be removed. The plants are tied up so that they do not break under the weight of the fruit.

The diamond is a compact variety that will be relevant for small areas.

The black handsome is an indeterminate variety that can grow up to 1.5 m. Forming is a mandatory procedure when growing this variety. All leaves and shoots that are below the first fork are removed. The top of the main trunk is pinched as soon as it reaches a height of 35 cm. For one bush there should be no more than 10 ovaries.

Eggplant "Valentine F1"
Eggplant "Valentine F1"
Eggplant "Diamond"
Eggplant "Diamond"
Eggplant "Black beauty"
Eggplant "Black beauty"

Eggplants need proper care and protection from diseases and pests. Follow the recommendations from our article and you can enjoy a wonderful harvest. To get a good harvest, you need to choose high-quality seeds. Eggplant seeds Agrouspech have a germination rate of 72-75%, while according to GOST the marketable germination rate of eggplants is 60%. The varieties of all crops are selected in such a way that they are suitable for growing in any region of Russia, and will yield crops everywhere. Growing eggplants even in the northern part of Russia is not a problem if you have Agro-success seeds.

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