Fashionable Palettes Of Flower Beds For The Season

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Fashionable Palettes Of Flower Beds For The Season
Fashionable Palettes Of Flower Beds For The Season

Video: Fashionable Palettes Of Flower Beds For The Season

Video: Fashionable Palettes Of Flower Beds For The Season
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In recent years, landscape design has been striving to combine the incongruous. The emphasis on materials and architectural forms, the maximum practicality of projects is complemented by a real boom in natural design and love for "wild" plants. Under the influence of general trends, the color range also changes from year to year. In the coming year, the main attention is paid to the dominant green and mysterious purple colors. And flowering plants are selected to create the most vivid effect.

Fashionable palettes of flower beds for the season 2018
Fashionable palettes of flower beds for the season 2018

Changes in color concepts of gardens

Flower exhibitions, landscape forums and glossy publications offer in 2018 to pay attention to the beauty of modest and discreet plants, giving preference to natural colors or illusions of natural elements. Staying within the general trend of landscape plantings and natural flower beds, fashionable color combinations of 2018 are selected in such a way as to highlight and reveal the concept of garden design as best as possible and create bright color spots that will highlight the overall picture and bring revitalization to the look of an increasingly multifunctional and practical design. … The combination of a dominant neutral background and the most vivid accents is the basis for drawing up a fashionable palette even when decorating a flower bed from summer houses in 2018.

Watercolors or pastels are slowly fading into the background, as are complex color contrasts. It is suggested to select color combinations in 2018 by referring to direct opposing colors of the color spectrum or by choosing the nuances of shades so as to reveal the depth and nobility of shades. The fashion for the game with the highlighting effect, which was established several years ago, is being replaced by a completely different trend - an attention to dark, saturated or unique shades that evoke associations with luxurious fabrics and give design new depth, texture and nobility.

An unexpected trend of the 2018 season is the almost complete rejection of white when choosing plants. Light cream and white in gardens dominate only in materials, but plants with this color this year should be used in minimal quantities, giving preference to much darker and more saturated colors.

When choosing plant combinations for the 2018 season, textures should be assessed no less carefully than shades. Velvet, satin, metallic, velvet effects are not only popular, they have become even more fashionable. The special illusion achieved by the fringe on the leaves allows you to add warmth to the compositions, create an even more cozy atmosphere and play with style. Texture, along with color, plays a prominent role in trendy palettes and takes ensembles to the next level.

In addition to texture, when drawing up a fashionable palette for garden compositions in 2018, it is worth remembering the tendency to create gardens that are comfortable not only for humans, but also for living beings: plants that attract honey plants and butterflies, cultures that help birds to survive until spring, are introduced into the ensembles. hedgehogs and other smaller brothers. The palette is composed so that it is pleasing to the eye, but at the same time the plants also pleasantly surprised with their aroma: if you want to create a fashionable palette, it should touch all the senses.

The fashionable palette for the 2018 season is also determined by stylistic trends. Spicy gardens and Mediterranean motifs, Scandinavian designs and wildlife imitations, thickets, prairies, low-maintenance planting will still be popular. It is these trends that give rise to the main feature of this year's landscape fashion.

Fashionable color palette of flower beds in the season 2018
Fashionable color palette of flower beds in the season 2018

Color leader of the year and its application

The main color of the year in landscape design repeats the main color of 2018 as a whole: mystical, mysterious, unique, shimmering purple sets trends and fashion trends for the next season. The rise of the violet-lilac gamut in fashion could be noted at all the major exhibitions of 2017, including the fashion trends 'educator' - the Chelsea Flower Show.

Purple is one of the most versatile colors in the entire garden palette. It is he who is called a symbol of mystery and seclusion, a means of creating a "magical" garden atmosphere. But it also symbolizes a special emotional impact:

  • represents a harmony of polar colors, simultaneously stimulating and calming;
  • connects cold and warm, combining multidirectional energy into a single whole;
  • is the most unusual and non-standard of colors;
  • has a special mystical, mysterious effect;
  • awakens creative energy and imagination;
  • one of the most solemn and luxurious, perceived as a noble aristocratic color in the garden palette;
  • creates a friendly atmosphere of rest, relaxation, companionship;
  • enhances the positive outlook on life and the emotions of being in the garden.

There are plenty to choose from. To present the main color in 2018 in the garden, you can use the irises, speedwell, catnip, sages, lavender - obvious favorites with the purple color. There are stars for each season. Cold purple hue of crocuses, iridodictium, hyacinth, unique violet- flowered tulip varieties, irresistible Vittrok violets, magnificent shades of lilac and lilac in rhododendrons, clematis, regal wisteria, inimitable dark varietal lilac, vertical stars - delphinium and lupins, varieties of decorative bows, aquilegia loving secluded places, bells, star aconite and autumn buddley lilac … There is something to choose from for a garden of any style and size. Even among roses, gladioli and asters, there are purple varieties of their own.

Don't forget that purple-colored plants can be very versatile. Furthermore flowering crops, the plants with a range of types can be ranked and the dark-purple leaves - barberry magenta, eland, zhivuchka, quinoa red, sumac purple, hazel purple and others.

A flower garden in a purple palette. Fashionable color for the 2018 season
A flower garden in a purple palette. Fashionable color for the 2018 season

Multifaceted and thousand-faced green

In the design of gardens in 2018, special inattention should be paid to green and the entire rich range of shades of this most underrated of garden colors. Despite the fact that the green gamut dominates in almost any garden, this color scheme, richest in nuances and half-tones, is rarely given credit. In 2018, green is the second most fashionable color.

The green garden plant palette lets you play with illusion, style and atmosphere. Crops with large leaves, ferns and all plants with pronounced geometric patterns are at the peak of popularity. Where they used to add accents using more obvious and familiar techniques, today they bring structure and order with the correct selection of greenery. In any composition, even in imitations of wild thickets, partner plants are selected so that their leaves contrast in several parameters at once - size, shape, density, surface texture, texture and color shades. Decorative leafy stars and spicy herbs, cereals and ground covers, herbaceous perennials that create lush clumps or "bunches" allow you to play with the green palette endlessly.

The choice of the main color of the year in favor of purple brings to the fore the plants with beautiful leaf edges. In the 2018 season, plants with a silvery, golden, copper or other metallic effect will remain the most fashionable - from chitose and wormwood to garden geraniums, geyher. Combinations of plants that seem modest and discreet, but valuable for their rarity, medicinal properties or wild character, will be especially popular this year. Conifers of natural forms, plants with xiphoid leaves, evergreen and trimmed bushes and trees will continue to be at the peak of popularity. The trend will continue to revise the possibilities of using moss, which from a rare attribute of oriental styles for our gardens is turning into one of the favorite design tools for secluded areas and water bodies.

Fashionable palettes of the 2018 season suggest giving preference not to flowering, but to decorative leafy stars. Bright and unusual shrubs, trees, perennials and even annuals - this year, the focus should be on leaves and texture.

Green palette of garden plants combined with trendy purple for 2018
Green palette of garden plants combined with trendy purple for 2018

Fashionable combinations featuring starry purple

Combinations of plants for the season of 2018 can be selected from among the classic "pairs", and going into experiments. Violet or lilac allows you to fantasize and decide on bold color combinations, select non-standard solutions and bring individuality to the design palette of flower beds and summer gardens.

In recent years, the combination of purple and orange, two complete opposites of the color spectrum, has practically disappeared from the list of trends. But in the 2018 season, this injustice is better to be corrected. Bright yellow, sunny, lemon or orange, gold, copper accessories or plant accents contrast beautifully with the main purple and green stars and compensate for the reduced role of white in the compositions. Irises in the company of daylilies, yellow groundwort and sage, sunny roses and bearded irises, tulips and daffodils, hyacinths and pansies, loosestrife and polygrids, yarrow, geleniums, rudbeckia, veronica, delphiniums and catnipes - play close with variations of purple and golden with yellow you can endlessly.

Variations of color combinations that will help make garden compositions fashionable in the 2018 season:

  • nuanced color combinations with lilac, blueberry, pale lilac, bluish lilac, dark pink, candy and ash pink shades will help to soften the base purple and reveal its potential;
  • fans of pastel colors should add pale yellow, creamy creamy, ash pink, peach and dark black colors to the violet-flowered plants in the composition;
  • romantic ensembles, feminine or dramatic-royal combinations will be obtained with flowers of purple, crimson, fuchsia, medium candy pink, royal purple, dark red and bronze or gold leaves;
  • lovers of direct contrasts will like the combination of lilac and purple in tones of different saturation with scarlet, carmine, brick, gold, melon and brown;
  • for ceremonial compositions, you can add amethyst blue flowers, orange, lemon, raspberry and light purple shades to purple;
  • in natural compositions or wild thickets, purple is best mixed with "dirty" shades of pink, ocher and brown;
  • fans of cold colors should combine purple and lilac not with light blue, but with dark ultramarine, amethyst and azure shades of inflorescences, diluting the ensembles with light silvery leaves.
The combination of purple, as the main color for the 2018 season, with elements of yellow, orange and bronze palette
The combination of purple, as the main color for the 2018 season, with elements of yellow, orange and bronze palette

Alternative palettes that will be trendy in 2018

In the design of the garden, it is not necessary to use only the main color of 2018 and various palette variations with its participation. Designers are inspired by other motives and a new interpretation of the noble classics, suggesting that they recall the most "floral" part of the color wheel - red.

The pink and red palette is the third most important trend this year. If over the past several years designers have turned more to pastel and light motifs, then in 2018, the trend towards darker and brighter variations of the pink-red palette stood out in the world landscape design. The "upper", lightest tones are offered an alternative - medium or candy pink, choosing harmonic combinations towards darkening. The color palette is not lightened, but, on the contrary, is darkened, suggesting to recall the luxurious middle and noble tones, which for many years were considered nostalgic, but not fashionable. Especially popular are combinations of roses and lupines, mixtures of varieties with red shades, ensembles with rhododendrons, delphiniums and phlox.

Using trendy color combinations

It is possible to focus on fashion trends that never radically differ from the previous season, but only evolve and shift accents, not only in the arrangement of new flower beds, mixborders and beddings. Of course, if you are building a new garden or making changes to the design of an existing project, then focusing on fashion is much easier. But trends are still more often used in the selection of annuals and seasonal accents.

The design of potted gardens on the terrace, ampel compositions, flower beds or summer beds and ensembles in stone flower beds, landing on existing flower beds or in summer mixborders allows you to avoid boredom and add variety without big redevelopment work. And if you add such seasonal touches in accordance with the garden fashion, the garden will always be perceived as modern and relevant. And the feeling of freshness and clear evidence of the owners' awareness of the trends in landscape design are pleasant bonuses.

The combination of a fashionable palette in the flower garden of the season 2018
The combination of a fashionable palette in the flower garden of the season 2018

No matter how you use the fashionable palette of the 2018 season in your garden, you should still rely on your taste and follow your preferences. Sometimes it is better to sacrifice trends, but keep the harmony, stylistic expressiveness and "pure" color palette of your garden. Any fashion trends are good only when they bring joy and pleasure.