"Beetle Eater" - To Effectively Combat The Colorado Potato Beetle

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"Beetle Eater" - To Effectively Combat The Colorado Potato Beetle
"Beetle Eater" - To Effectively Combat The Colorado Potato Beetle

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The Colorado potato beetle is such a common pest in our gardens that not only summer residents and suburban residents know about it, but also people far from agriculture. This representative of the leaf beetle family came to us from warm Mexico. But very quickly he adapted to the harsh local conditions and lives and reproduces safely. We will tell you how to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle in this article.

"Beetle Eater" - for effective control of the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes
"Beetle Eater" - for effective control of the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes

Why is the Colorado potato beetle dangerous?

The Colorado potato beetle is considered a malicious pest of potatoes, but it also does not shun the tops of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and some other crops. And if the fight against other harmful insects, as a rule, is a desirable event, then it is impossible not to fight the Colorado potato beetle.

Females lay larvae at the speed of a machine-gun burst, and they turn out to be much more voracious than their parents and in a matter of days can leave miserable memories of healthy bushes of vegetable crops.

The Colorado potato beetle is quite tenacious and easily adapts to any conditions. If at least one individual survives as a result of treatment with pesticides, all of its offspring will have immunity against this group of drugs.

Therefore, those who grow potatoes are forced to look for a new remedy for a malicious pest every year, to alternate groups of pesticides. True, these measures sometimes turn out to be powerless in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle.

"Beetle Eater" is an effective means of protection

"Beetle Eater" is an effective means of protection
"Beetle Eater" is an effective means of protection

But there is also good news - Russian scientists have developed a unique three-component drug against the Colorado potato beetle - "Zhukoed". Produced by JSC Firm "August".

The peculiarity of the drug is that it contains 3 active substances at once, acting in different directions:

  • Alpha-cypermethrin has an immediate contact effect - within an hour after treatment, the pests stop feeding and die;
  • Imidaclodprid - a substance of systemic action quickly penetrates into plants and for a long time deprives the beetle of the opportunity to eat leaves;
  • Clothianidin provides long-term protection of plants due to its ability to penetrate and retain in all tissues of the culture.

The "bug-eater" does not leave any chance for Colorado beetles - within 24 hours even those that hide on the underside of the leaf die.

The uniqueness of the drug "Zhukoed" also lies in the fact that due to the composition of the product, the plants have increased stress resistance and, as a result, increased productivity.

Features of using the drug

The possibility of using the drug in a wide temperature range is another invaluable quality of a remedy.

"Zhukoed" is conveniently packaged in 1.5 ml ampoules and 9 ml bottles. The use of the drug is quite economical - 1 ampoule is diluted in 3 liters of water and this is enough to process 100 m2. In addition, only one treatment is required to defeat the Colorado potato beetle.

The methods for preparing the solution, waiting times, safety measures and other subtleties are described in detail in the attached instructions.

The use of "Zhukoeda" in the recommended doses does not harm the environment, and during the specified waiting period (20 days), the drug breaks down into safe compounds, and potatoes can be eaten without fear.

Promotion from the firm "August"

Recently, counterfeit drugs have begun to appear on the crop protection market. To protect itself and its customers, the August company has implemented the DAT authentication system on some of its products.

Promotion from the firm "August"
Promotion from the firm "August"

Customers can see a special blue sticker with a verification code on the Zhukoed preparation (9 ml bottle).

All you need to do is send a free SMS with a code to 3888 or to the website 3888.ru. In return, you will receive a confirmation of the authenticity and be sure of the safety and effectiveness of the product.

If you purchase the Zhukoed protective device from 2019-10-04 to 2019-31-07 and send a verification code, you can take part in the drawing of special prizes:

  • 50 p. to the phone (20,000 prizes);
  • sprayer HOBBY 5 l (50 pcs.);
  • TV (3 super prizes, which are drawn among all the participants of the action on August 02, 2019).

Read the full terms of the promotion here.

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