How To Grow Tasty, Large, Beautiful Roots?

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How To Grow Tasty, Large, Beautiful Roots?
How To Grow Tasty, Large, Beautiful Roots?

Video: How To Grow Tasty, Large, Beautiful Roots?

Video: How To Grow Tasty, Large, Beautiful Roots?
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Root vegetables include vegetables in which the underground part is edible. Daikon, turnip, radish are used to make fresh vitamin salads, and carrots and beets are generally favorites in our kitchen. They are added not only to salads, but also to marinades, first and second courses, and even baked goods! It is not surprising that root crops in the garden of any summer resident are practically an obligatory "program". But these vegetables do not always grow beautiful, as in the picture. It happens that we harvest small, crooked, tasteless, disease-affected root crops. To prevent this from happening, you need to know when, how and how to feed these plants. We will talk about correct and convenient feeding with the "Root Nutrition System" from Buisk fertilizers in the article.

How to grow tasty, large, beautiful roots?
How to grow tasty, large, beautiful roots?

"Nutritional system for root crops" - the key to a good harvest

"Nutrition system for root crops" - a set of 4 packaged fertilizers, each of which will help the growth and development of plants of this group at different stages of their growing season. In addition to beets, carrots, daikon, using the components of this kit, you can get an excellent harvest of turnips, turnips, radishes, rutabagas, radishes and even root celery.

The set includes:

  • microelement complex "Aquamix 5 g", which is used for pre-sowing seed treatment;
  • complex granular organic mineral fertilizer OMU "For carrots, beets and other root crops" in the amount of 1 kg - the main fertilizer for root crops;
  • water-soluble complex mineral fertilizer "Aquarin for seedlings" (4 packs of 20 g) is used at the initial stage of plant development;
  • water-soluble complex mineral fertilizer "Aquarin for fruiting" (4 packs of 20 g) - for root dressing.

The Root Nutrition System is not only about fertilizers. It is also convenient for gardeners, an instruction compiled by professionals, in which it is clearly described which fertilizers, in what time frame and in what form to apply.

Balanced fertilizers from the "Nutritional System for Root Crops" will provide plants with the necessary micro and macro elements at all stages of development, will help to get healthy roots of the ideal size, excellent taste, and good keeping quality.

Set of complex fertilizers
Set of complex fertilizers

Preparation for sowing root crops

It is important to take care of growing vegetables at the initial stage of plant development, when the seeds are just beginning to awaken. Presowing seed treatment is important, as the future harvest largely depends on it. After all, if the seeds are infected, then good vegetables will not grow out of them. And, for example, carrot seeds more than one year old do not germinate well due to their high content of essential oils.

To increase and speed up the germination of seeds, they are usually soaked first. For this, some summer residents use folk remedies, such as: boric acid, aloe juice, ash. Others use growth stimulants. But it is more effective to use a special tool intended for the pre-sowing preparation of root crop seeds. This is Aquamix.

This microelement complex is included in the "Nutritional System for Root Crops". 1 g of this drug is diluted in 1 liter of water. Then the seeds are placed in a bag of thin cotton cloth, soaked in the resulting solution for 8-12 hours.

Presowing treatment with "Aquamix" will not only stimulate the germination of seeds, enrich them with nutrients, but also will further protect the roots from chlorosis, improve their taste.

"Aquamix" microelement complex
"Aquamix" microelement complex

Sowing seeds

Most root crops prefer to grow in nutritious, loose soils. On depleted soils, you can get a good harvest of root crops only by regularly feeding the plants. The introduction of the main fertilizer for root crops into the soil before sowing seeds will significantly reduce the number of future fertilizing, which means it will facilitate the work of the summer resident. Plants will initially receive a large supply of nutrients, which will be consumed during the growing season.

The main fertilizer in the "Nutritional System for Root Crops" of the Buisk Fertilizer Plant is "WMD for carrots, beets and other root crops", which is created on the basis of peat (lowland), saturated with micro-, macroelements, humic acids.

Before digging up the soil in the spring, 10-20 g of granules of this fertilizer are applied to 1 m². After scattering the granules over the surface of the earth and shallow spring digging, the soil is loosened with a rake. Then you need to let it settle for a week, then make rows 25 cm apart and sow root seeds.

Small seeds can be mixed with sand to sow less often. Beet seeds are placed in grooves with an interval of 5-7 cm, radish - 3-4 cm. Pre-watered the rows, and after sowing the seeds are covered with dry earth from the garden to a height of 1-2 cm.

"WMD for carrots, beets and other root crops" begins to act immediately after sowing, providing seedlings with nutrition. And the preparation of two types of beneficial bacteria on the shell of the granules will help protect plantings from diseases, protect roots from diseases, and improve plant nutrition by delivering nutrients in an easily digestible form.

Complex granular organomineral fertilizer "For carrots, beets and other root crops"
Complex granular organomineral fertilizer "For carrots, beets and other root crops"

Root feeding of root crops

The first root dressing is carried out approximately a week or two after germination. It is needed so that the plants have enough strength to withstand the unfavorable conditions of open ground, actively build up the green mass and prepare for the formation of root crops.

In the "Root crops feeding system" fertilizer "Aquarine for seedlings" is intended for the first root feeding. For 10 liters of water, you will need only 20 g of this drug. For 1 m² of plantings, 4 liters of solution are consumed.

The next root feeding of root crops (at least two weeks after the first one) is carried out with the preparation "Aquarin for fruiting" from the "Root crop nutrition system". This fertilizer will not only allow you to get large root crops, but also improve their taste and keeping quality. With this drug it is safe to carry out up to five dressings during the entire growing season. The latter - no later than 15 days before digging up the roots.

But usually one top dressing is enough if all other fertilizers from the set "Root crop feeding system" have been used.

Dear Readers! The "root crop feeding system" from Buysky fertilizers has proven itself to be excellent when growing root crops from early spring to late autumn. The four types of fertilizers included in its composition are enough to obtain a high-quality root crop from 10 m². Allow yourself to grow delicious and healthy vegetables without much difficulty!