Five Steps To A Suburban Toilet That Doesn't Smell

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Five Steps To A Suburban Toilet That Doesn't Smell
Five Steps To A Suburban Toilet That Doesn't Smell

Video: Five Steps To A Suburban Toilet That Doesn't Smell

Video: Five Steps To A Suburban Toilet That Doesn't Smell
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What a dacha without a toilet! However, an outdoor toilet is not always comfortable. And the discomfort is most often associated not with how such a restroom is equipped, but with the smell that is present in it and is able not only to darken the trip to this place, but also to become attached to clothes for a long time, to eat into the hair. For this reason, the design of such a toilet must be constructed deliberately, in compliance with certain rules, and then many unpleasant issues can be avoided, including a fetid odor. In this article, we'll walk you through five steps to a country toilet that doesn't smell.

A well-installed restroom looks harmonious on any site
A well-installed restroom looks harmonious on any site

Step 1. We think over the project

When planning to build a country toilet, first of all it is necessary to develop a project. The word "project" sounds a little loud for such a structure, but it is this step that largely determines the further comfort or operational difficulties. Your plans should include a thoughtful approach to the location of the building, its size and external design, competent arrangement of a cesspool and, of course, ventilation. And each item has its own requirements.

It is necessary to place the toilet in such a way that it stands 1.5 m from the fence, if there are outbuildings of neighbors behind it, 5 m, if a residential building, and 12 m in relation to the source of drinking water, to the gas pipe and the road … In addition, sooner or later, but the cesspool will have to be pumped out, and therefore, it is good to think in advance about how a sewage truck can freely drive up to it.

The smaller the pit and the more people use the toilet (and it is possible that water from the shower will also go into it, which is often arranged in a separate room through the wall from the toilet), the more often you will have to call flushers. Therefore, you need to immediately think about the maximum volume. Usually for a family of 2 people who come to the dacha on weekends, there is enough hole in the size of 1.5-2 cubic meters - for a toilet, if a shower is planned - the volume needs to be increased.

The size of the structure itself can be arbitrary, but it is better to think in advance that the toilet should be not only compact, but also convenient and aesthetically pleasing, since it will definitely catch your eye. And, of course, you need to take care of ventilation.

It can be made in the form of an opening window or a slot in the door. In this case, there must be an inflow and outflow of air. For this, one hole is made in the lower part of the building, at a height of 20-25 cm from the floor - fresh air will be drawn in through it, on the back or side wall. The other is at the top, 10-15 cm below the ceiling - through it, air from the toilet will come out into the street, carrying with it an unpleasant aroma. However, in this case, it will still not be possible to get rid of the smells completely, but this solution will still greatly facilitate the situation.

Step 2. Improving ventilation

In order to get better from ventilation, you need to think about the ventilation hole in the sump. It is arranged in the form of a pipe, one end of which is erected as high as possible (about 70 cm) above the level of the toilet roof. Another is placed in a pit above the level of accumulation of impurities. At the outlet of the duct, a roof is installed - a "roof umbrella" that protects the ventilation pipe from snow, rain and possible debris.

Step 3. Closing the cesspool

In order for the hood to work and there is no smell of ammonia around the toilet, the toilet drain must be securely closed. At the same time, it must have a lid that can be opened to provide access to the pumping pit. The cover does not have to be wide, but allow the hose of the sewer truck to be freely lowered into the pit, that is, at least 200 mm. You can make it out of metal, or use a concrete hatch.

Step 4. We select the filler

Another important decision in the arrangement of a country toilet is filler. In the old days, in order to absorb odors and process waste into a fertilizer applicable to the household, straw, mowed grass, sawdust, ash were laid in layers in the toilet cesspool, periodically adding a new layer. Today, peat mixtures are used for this purpose. They quickly absorb excess moisture, compost the accumulated masses, and prevent the development of various kinds of insects. As a result, in combination with ventilation, a more efficient option for removing unpleasant odors is obtained.

Step 5. We use bio-accelerators

There is another solution that allows you to achieve the final result - the complete absence of odor in the country toilet - the use of useful microflora, which accelerates the fermentation processes occurring in the cesspool. We are talking about modern biological products, of which ECOMIK Dachny is a prominent representative.

Bioaccelerator for country toilets "Ekomik Dachny"
Bioaccelerator for country toilets "Ekomik Dachny"

By its nature, ECOMIK Dachny is a bioaccelerator. Beneficial bacteria included in its composition (lactobacillus, bacillus, streptomyces), getting into the decomposing mass of feces, accelerate the processes of their transformation, suppress pathogenic microflora, reduce the volume of organic waste (due to which the pit has to be cleaned less often), do not allow solid fractions and fat to form on the walls, eliminate unpleasant odors. Moreover, its application does not require any special preparation. It is enough to take 500 ml of the drug per three cubic meters of the pit volume, and if the substrate is dry, add a bucket of water.

In the warm season, the temperature regime favors the vital activity of the microorganisms that are part of the bioaccelerator, therefore, the drug is reintroduced only when an odor appears. And only in the winter period their vital activity stops, because some of them fall into suspended animation, and some die from low temperatures. For this reason, in the spring the application of ECOMIK Dachny must be repeated.

We will apply this biological product both for septic tanks and dry closets, which greatly simplifies life in the country and makes it more comfortable and safe, since it allows you to completely abandon chemicals. But besides that, which is important for summer cottages, the drug is also applicable for composting. At the same time, the contents of the receiving tank of the dry closet operating at ECOMIK Dachny can also be sent to the compost heap.


Relying on the experience of the times and connecting modern biotechnology, it is not so difficult to achieve the absence of an unpleasant odor in a country toilet. The main thing is to think over ventilation in advance, choose an affordable solution with filler and consider EKOMIK Dachny as an option. And your stay at the summer cottage will become even more comfortable!